Freeware calculator - How do you measure up? For Women and Men (over 18) Is your weight normal for your age, height and gender? Did you know that being underweight can unhealthy just as being overweight can? How many calories per day do you really need? What's your Precent Body Fat and Lean Body Mass. FitTrack is orienated around Healthy values for Body Weight, BMI, Percent Body Fat and Lean Body Mass for adults. All calculations are based on accepted formulas and NHANNES II tables. What does FitTrack Calculate? Healthy Weight Range Healthy Weight Guide based on Healthy weight range Healthy BMI and BMI Range (Body Mass Index) Waist to Height Ratio (WHtR) Body Composition Precent Body Fat Lean Body Mass Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Required Daily Calorie intake What are the Calculations based on? FitTrack attempts to take into consideration more than just simple calculations based on height and weight measurements but also considers Gender, Age, Frame Size, Specific Body Measurements and Activity Levels. For Women and Men (not suitable for under 18 years) Know where your Results Fit in? FitTrack is packaged together with comparison figures to make it easy for you to see what the Healthy Ranges are. Included tables are: BMI standard ranges for women and men Percent Body Fat ranges for women and men Age related Percent Body Fat for women and men Frame Size Ranges for women and men Tips on taking body measurments