Email sender is a professional, high-speed, targeted email sending program to send bulk emails at one time. E-mail Sender has direct mail sending feature as it sends mails without any SMTP server. This is reliable and easy to use software. The mass mailing software allows to send unlimited mails at a single click. Mass mailer sends out mails in MX mode andworks like a mail server. E-mail sender uses in-built emails and newsletter templates to make email marketing campaign professional and effective. Using Bulk Email sender, it is easy to send emails to thousands of subscribers or recipients. This mass mailing software is highly user friendly and can be installed in just few minutes. Bulk email sending software permits user to send multiple attachments in different formats. This tool has professionally designed in-built templates. The E-mail sender sends bulk emails very fast and saves a lot of valuable time. Permits the user to automatically unsubscribe from the mailing list.