Employee Desktop Live Viewer is one such smartly programmed application that allows you to monitor employee activities in the large organizations. The tool has been programmed in such a manner that it can easily operate well on domain along with workgroup based networks. The important aspect you got to remember about this remote spy software is that it offers Viewer and Agent setups that one got to install on the key system and client?s systems of a network correspondingly. And, every single employee desktop can get connected as agents with the Viewer desktop. What makes this software more special is its function that permits you to monitor what your employees are doing in their working hours without informing them. Adding to that, this computer spy software has got an essential feature that allows easy scheduling of offline recording to know what employees usually do in his or her absence. Every operation of offline recording can be saved as JPG or AVI files at the specified location on target computer. Moreover, if you desire to keep the offline recording safe, the too facilitates option to lock the offline recording folder. Adding to that, with this software you can very well conduct operations like shutdown, log off, eliminate wallpaper, lock and start screensaver. Software now enables fast monitoring of computers that have Windows 7 installed on them. The software is also available in free trial version also that only permits you to register and monitor activities of 1 computer for 7 days. Apart from that the demo version allows you to record activities of the registered computer and create 5 minutes movie. To overcome from this restriction, you got to buy the complete version. For more details: www.remotespysoftware.net