The ultimate and FAST WEB Page Creation! With Dynamic HTML Editor you can draw and generate your HTML, ASP, PHP, CFM, JSP, XML pages without writing a single line of code. - It imports images in multiple formats such as *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.gif; *.bmp; *.wmf; *.emf; *.rle; *.png; *.tga; *.tif; *.tiff; *.ico; *.pcx; *.pcd; *.psd and converts them to appropriate web format such as .jpg or .png. - Automatically generates dynamic cross-browser compatible .html, .xml, .php, .asp, .cfm, .jsp pages. - It supports file insertion and recursion (you can import a .dhe file in another .dhe file; by modifing the original file, the imported object is updated.) You can inherith properties from an imported file to the actual file. - Simple events support: you can associate events to parts of labels, pictures, input fields, imported files. - Anchor creation supported by labels objects and pictures. - It can manage and generate complex labels supporting multiple colors, formats, fonts, events, background colors. - 40+ graphics effects for pictures - Optimized Export: only generates new parts of your files - Multilanguage support: Dynamic HTML Editor is multilanguage! - Integrated Shadow support and generation for all objects. - RollOver and RollClick: change a picture when the mouse goes over or when you click on it in one step! - Window Manager: manage windows easily in a MDI environment. - Trasformation of objects in pictures for applying graphics effects - Unicode Support - more and more...! Great for beginners to design a web page, but also very handy for established webmaster that want to generate CSS based page layouts. Copyright by Lorenzi Davide 2002/2007