Spex is an educational software used by children to design rooms in the home, classrooms in a school, gardens, a moonbase and even an egyptian tomb! They drag items of pre-made furniture into a room, arrange the layout and colour scheme and view it in the bird's eye, plan or in the 3D view. Budgets, graphs and a spreadsheet are included in the software. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Spex has been its simple and modest style, which means that a teacher can put Spex in front of a whole class of pupils and they all just know how to use it! It is a great learning software! Spex is flexible with no predetermined outcomes which means children use their imagination and initiative to make their own decisions and produce their own individual result. This has been one of the many benefits of the software in schools. While we market Spex as a room designer, the 'interior design' aspect of Spex is a cover story to get youngsters to grapple with design, spatial awareness, money, budgets and dimensions, mapping and much more. Spex thrives in both primary and secondary education. Teachers love Spex, parents and children love Spex too, it's simple, absorbing and so much fun!