Add custom interactive diagrams to your WPF user interfaces, including networks, workflows, flowcharts, organization charts, design tools, and more. Fully supports XAML, including templates for nodes and links, data binding (3 Models to meet your needs), styling, ability to use of all WPF elements and layouts, animation, and WPF commands. Comprehensive support of diagram features, including subgraphs (groups of nodes), collapse and expand trees in-place, automatic layout of graphs, link routing with normal, orthogonal, and Bezier link styles, and "avoids nodes" and "jump over" options, link annotations, link connections points on nodes, layers for control over z-order, flexible support for mouse input, palette control with drag and drop, overview control for thumbnail version of large diagrams, cut/copy/paste, unlimited undo/redo, zooming, scrolling, panning, in-place text editing, selection/multiple-selection/customizable adornments, 180+ predefined common shapes, and XML save and restore. Automatic layout support includes force-directed autolayout, incorporating electrical charge, gravitational mass, and spring length and stiffness), layered-digraph autolayout, for tree and hierarchical organization of directed graphs, and tree layout. Includes 18 sample applications with full XAML and c# source code. Well written and complete documentation walks you through the concepts of data binding, models, templates and layout that you need to get started. An API Reference help file is included. There are no run-time royalties or deployment fees for GoWPF components.