MindFusion.Reporting provides applications targeting the .NET WPF platform with the ability to create and display various kinds of reports. The component supports complex data-binding scenarios and comes with a built-in scripting engine that allows adding calculated values to the report. Output options include a WPF report viewer component, print and print preview, export to PDF and HTML. The report features are: - support master-detail relations, images, formatted texts, and more. - can host any WPF control, including interactive controls, such as buttons. - are built of elements, which derive from WPF FrameworkElement and therefore support WPF transformations, effects, styles, and more. - can be defined in XAML or in code. - can be bound to virtually any data source and can be dynamically laid out to pages with an arbitrary size and orientation. - can be exported to all popular image formats (PNG, JPG, TIF, and more) as well as HTML, PDF and XPS. - can be previewed and printed. - can be rendered as WPF FixedDocuments