WebWarper is a multifunctional Internet service with web interface. Basic service function for now is saving user traffic. WebWarper also protects from viruses, anonymizes (hides user visits to sites), and, in some cases, can accelerate Internet access. Traffic saving is obtained by compression of web-pages before sending them to the browser (gzip standard). Tthe overall traffic (including graphics) is usually compressed in 1.5-3 times, and appearance of pages remains unchanged. There is also a special "super-dense" mode, simplifying page appearance but allowing to save traffic in 10 and more times. The antivirus protection means automatic removal of all ActiveX modules, the most useless element in modern web-design that at the same time provides the most simple and popular way of infecting computer via the Web. The only exception is made for the well-known and safe Macromedia Flash module. The use of the service is built around browser address line modification. It is not necessary to install anything in order to view a site through WebWarper; it is just enough to add a special prefix "http://webwarper.net/ww/~av/". A special webwarper.exe utility that allows "teaching" Internet Explorer to add this prefix instead of standard "http://" is provided. WebWarper is a free service and is ad-supported. Advertisement is unpleasant for users and can level the service advantages (i.e. require a lot of traffic). Understanding that, WebWarper authors are giving you an ability to disable advertising totally and for free. All you have to do is to click the corresponding link in the ad panel. Disabling ads is temporary; in the current version the time span is 18 hrs. Then the ads are turned on and it is necessary to disable them again. In fact, regular users see ads only once a day, when they open WebWarper for the first time, and disable ads immediately. But it is always possible to purchase (USD 8.90) registration code that allows disabling ads for a year.