MFC Extension class library enabling programmers to add sending and receiving SMS messages to their software applications easily. All functionality is included in single C++ class with very good documentation. It is provided with easy understandable sample. Functionality: - Set various messaging and network parameters (PIN, SMSC, Message Memory etc.) -Read modem and network information (Manufacturer, IMEI, Model, Signal Strength etc) - Reading of delivery report about sent SMS message - Send AT commands to GSM modem - Receive a modem answer from GSM modem Features: - The maximal length of single SMS message is 160 characters. (ETSI ES 201 901 protocol 1) - Messages are coded as PDU, according to the GSM 03.40 specification If PDU mode is used, any encoding can be implemented. - SMS message can be sent to one or several phone numbers - Sent SMS is associated with reference number. - for good traceability of the sent SMS - Optimized and tested for following operators: Orange, T-Mobile, DK SONOFON - It is opened for use with other network operators - GSM modem or phone can be connected to any personal computer via standard communication interfaces (RS-232, IrDA, Bluetooth, USB) - Optimized and tested for next modems or mobiles: Wavecom Fastrack, Falcom Samba 55, FALCOM TANGO 55, NOKIA 6151, SONY ERICSSON K750 - It is opened for using GSM modems from other vendors that complies with ETSI specification GSM 07.05 Licensing: - STANDARD - entitles you to install on one or multiple computers within one single geographical premises of an organization/company/enterprise. It does not entitle you to rent, lease or distribute it either as standalone or bundled with an application. - DISTRIBUTION - the same as previous plus the additional rights to rent, lease or distribute an unlimited number of licenses outside your organization but only bundled with your application