Intesyn introduces a fresh new tool that will help you to sell and use GSM wireless modules. 4Engine is an Intesyn application that makes easy working with GSM engines. Thanks to 4Engine you can play with GSM wireless modules without having to learn AT commands. 4Engine lets you have an overview of GSM engine status; have an overview of GSM network which the engine is registered to; have an overview of the use of GSM module's resources; make and receive phone calls; send and receive SMS; manage phonebooks; and, if you're an expert, send AT commands. Downloading and installing 4Engine is easy. Just follow the instructions. 4Engine is the best companion of Intesyn iTB-SM Vx evaluation kits. A free version of 4Engine is now available for Cinterion MC55, MC55i, Sagemcom HiloNC and Telit GL865-QUAD gsm embedded modules. Try it and send us your opinions.