IBM test exam 000-106 dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Technical Sales Specialist - Power Systems with POWER7 and IBM i - v1 * IBM Certified Technical Sales Specialist - Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX - v1 * IBM Certified Technical Sales Expert - Power Systems with POWER7 - v1 Power Systems Product Knowledge (19%) 1. Describe the range and capabilities of the Power Systems portfolio. 2. Describe I/O Drawers, SSD, NAS, SAN, DASD Drawers, 12X Loops, IVE, SAS, Ethernet, and FC Cards and how they would apply in solutions. 3. Compare and Contrast IBM i, AIX and Linux Power Systems Architecture (11%) 1. Describe the benefits of POWER6 and POWER7 chips 2. Describe RAS Feature of the Power Systems 3. Differentiate between AME and AMS Design Solution to Customer Requirements (34%) 1. Design HMC to FSP connectivity network including multiple HMC and Systems and redundant FSPs for resiliancy and backup 2. Design VIOS configuration and implementation 3. Evaluate storage requirements and recommend available options. # Determine Physical requirements 4. Determine HA, DR, recovery requirements 5. Specify networking solutions to manage redundancy, VLAN, security, bandwidth, sharing 6. Describe the use of SPT, especially system plans from HMC and for documentation 7. Identify Technical & Delivery Assessment (TDA) process and requirements # Describe design considerations for HMC, Power Systems & Blades 8. Re-Utilize appropriate existing hardware in a new configuration Competition (3%) 1. Compare and contrast IBM offerings with competitive offerings including Servers, Operating Systems, Processors, Virtualization, Systems Management Virtualization (18%) 1. Describe Power Systems' ability to share resources including processors, IO and memory. 2. Describe the busines More informations view: easier way to success!