The product helps in the following: a) Acquire certificate : with single click, generates private key and CSR (supports UCC). b) Install certificate: provides one-click cert installer and automated cert install for major server software products. c) Monitor certificates: monitors installed certificates. Also discover server certificates on network. d) Notify : notifies statuses of certificate acquisition and deployment processes. e) Record/Retain : Records all certificates, keys, and histories of acquisition/deployment processes. Benefits 1) Reduce operational cost by minimizing work of server engineers and bringing all control on server certificates to certificate administrators. 2) Reduce security and availability risks for system failures by eliminating server certificate that are expired, mis-configured or non-compliant with company policies. 3) Optimize costs for acquiring certificates by strategically planning certificate procurement, e.g., you could switch to the builtin private CA for some class of uses and to a lower-cost CA for others, or consolidate all certificates on a single CA thereby obtaining volume discount. It supports importing SSL certificates from various formats (PEM,P12,P7B,JKS, etc) and supports various server software (IIS, Apache,Tomcat, Dovecot, Postfix, vsftpd, VMware ESXi and vCenter etc) for one-click certificate installers. Basic Edition is released as a freeware with limitation of five certificates that can be managed. There is a commercial version that can manage unlimited number of server certificates. It is best suited for web production companies. We are also enhancing this product to integrate with commercial CA's API to streamline certificate acquisition process.