DBFree is a software package expressly designed to build and run database web applications. DBFree is built around the powerful MaxScript Interpreter that offers an Xbase, Clipper-like, programming language rich of features commands and functions for any and all web application purposes and can be used freely for both personal and commercial use. DBFree is completely freeware: its goal is to keep alive the art of programming and saving the beatiful Xbase language from oblivion. Appropriate uses for DBFree: - Run your own webserver from home or office through a cheap consumer-level ADSL connection. - Build a portal for your own firm or for a small company you are employed in. - Feed a centralized database from tablet or cell-phones capable of wap or internet connections. - Collect data (like orders, inventory,support request,etc) from remote offices of your company . - Give web automation to your office by re-using existing equipments. - Illustrate the basics of procedural programmings in schools do whatever your imagination and programming skills make you bring to mind... DBFree is aimed to programmers (apprentices or experienced), to corporate power users or part-time developers, and in general to anyone willing to learn programming and building database driven applications for the web without get involved into complex database developing systems and sterminated APIs of today.