An excellent way to promote and encourage children or adults to practice weekly spelling lists. Quickly input and optionally record spelling lists that can be immediately used for spelling practice or playing games. Report Cards allow parents or teachers to monitor progress. Choose between Youth and Adult modes. Sound support for encouragement and mistakes makes spelling lessons fun for children or adults! Weekly Speller does a straightforward job when it comes to inputting and practicing weekly spelling lists. Its bright colors and visually uncluttered look makes it appealing to children of all ages. The advantage of Weekly Speller is the ease of creating your own spelling lists for practice or to input weekly spelling words being studied at school. Its intent is to make spelling practice homework fun and entertaining while being drilled on spelling words. Activities include Words, Sentence Correct and Sentence Complete. Games include Word Scramble, Word Join and Word Search. Each activity uses your personal spelling lists, usually the weekly spelling list from school. The spelling list is input using the Spelling List Editor and you can optionally record your spelling words so you can hear them being dictated. The Spelling List Editor lets you input your spelling words, you can also input two misspellings of the word and a sentence that contains the word for use with the various activities and games. The Spelling List Editor has a Text-In option that lets you import spelling words from text files. Multiple options allow you to set the options most appropriate for the student's age, i.e., Word View, Word Preview, Word Flash or Voice Only. Other options include Word Flash Delay, Alphabet Display, Menu Display Graphics, Hall of Fame, Match Case, Sound on/off, Enable or Disable Sign-in and *.wav File Usage. Weekly Speller takes the drudgery out of weekly spelling list practice. Have some fun while practicing your spelling homework with Weekly Speller!