Fast Trading System Development Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis (GSSTA) employs the genetic programming form of evolutionary computation algorithms ... Search for technical analysis investment rules ... Let your computer perform the mundane, time-consuming task of trading system development ... Evolutionary Computation techniques such as Genetic Algorithms provide efficient solutions to complex problems ... Use the power of Genetic Programming to reduce your workload ... Just provide a stock's price and volume data and start the search ... In a matter of minutes the program produces a set of investment rules. Smart Optimization The ideal investment system will provide maximum profit, minimum drawdown and minimum brokerage fees ... Most technical analysis programs that optimize parameters merely try to maximize the profit ... Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis takes volatility and drawdown into consideration too ... You're not going to stay with a system in which your equity drops far into negative territory or signals ten losing trades in a row ... The program searches for systems with less drawdown and a lower number of consecutive bad trades. Create a Custom Trading System for Each Stock It is easy to create a unique set of buy and sell rules for each stock ... Traders are not limited to one system for a universe of securities ... It is simple to conduct a system search as new data become available. Keep Your Investment Rules Current Perform the system search with each new set of price data. Bypass to the Brute Force Approach A computer can be programmed to step through every combination of investment rules and variables to find the best system but the number of calculations is massive ... Use evolutionary computation and genetic programming to search quickly for a solution. Visit the Website Read more about this software program at Try this program on your computer today.