SQL Enterprise Monitor makes monitoring SQL Servers easy. As a database or nework administrator you can use SQL Enterprise Monitor to find out how many users are connected to each server and each database on that server, what queries are running and who is logged in. The graphical display shows how the server is performing and delivers instant information about disk and network activity, CPU and memory usage. Use SQL Enterprise Monitor to identify the causes of spikes in CPU and memory so action can be taken to keep the server performing at its best. Use SQL Enterprise Monitor to see all the queries running on a selected SQL Server and instantly discover how many times each query has been run and even how many bytes each one has consumed. Easily spot dynamic T-SQL which can be converted to stored procedures to boost performance and speed up the return of data to users and customers through compiled query execution plans. SQL Enterprise Monitor lets you see who is currently logged in to the server, how many connections there are to each database and how long since each user connection was active. You can quickly decide whether or not a server can be stopped for maintenance or emergency repair work.