RTF2FO converts RTF files to XML according to the W3C Formatting Object specification and generates a pair of an XSL template and an XML textual data file. Multilingual support allows processing Japanese, Chinese and other documents. Using RTF2FO you will preserve initial RTF documents formatting in resulting XML documents and create sophisticated XSL templates in a minute without strong knowledge of XSL FO. · Page setup options: margins, page size; · Page headers and footers of all types; · Section breaks of all types; · Custom restart of section page numbers; · Suppress empty page on page-number restart (force-page-count="no-force"); · Footnotes: custom and Arabic numbering labels, custom footnote separators; · Watermarks (document background images); · Document columns with identical widths and gaps (the XSL FO specification does not support columns with different widths and different gaps between columns); · Paragraph pagination: widow/orphan control, keep together, keep with next; · Page breaks before or after a paragraph. · Font family and size, superscript and subscript (exact font metrics); · Character raising (except compatibility with FOP); · Font style and weight (bold, italic, underline, etc.); · Allow strict rendering of small caps ("strict-small-caps" option); · Font color and background color (auto color); · Color shading of table cell and text (patterns are replaced with mixed color); · Color shading of paragraphs in Word style; · Borders surround of groups of paragraphs with identical formatting; · Paragraph alignment and margins; · Line spacing in paragraphs (sophisticated selection of line stacking strategy); · Space before and after a paragraph; · Lists of all formats; · Commonly used special RTF symbols; · Preservation of white spaces (except compatibility with XEP); · Line breaks. · The rendering is applied for calculating true position of text with · Pictures of any graphic format provided with RTF Specification 1.7