weNetOK allows children to browse pre-approved websites on the Internet. If a website contains links to an unapproved website, weNetOK blocks the link. For example, a child may freely use a homework-help website, but will not be able to follow a link to a website selling toys. This positive security technology means that parents and teachers do not have to test every link on a website in order to approve it. Parents and teachers can tailor content; no special technology skills are required. With just three clicks, parents and teachers may add or delete websites. In network versions of weNetOK, changes are immediately available for all users on the network. weNetOK blocks chat and downloads. weNetOK has options to block email and printing. weNetOK doesn't spy on users or track sites visited. With weNetOK, harmful sites are simply not available, offering young people a culture of trust while relieving parents and teachers of an unwelcome "police" role. weNetOK can change the culture in homes, homeschools, classrooms, and youth centers from watching and forbidding to relaxed and allowing. weNetOK has a distinct visual signal for monitoring from a distance, allowing parents and teachers to work on other tasks while students use computers. No more watching over a young one's shoulders. This is liberating for parents, teachers, and students. weNetOK provides safety and freedom. weNetOK uses the Internet Explorer engine and critical security updates come from Microsoft whenever Windows Update is run. This is home version of weNetOK. Home network and classroom versions are available at www.weNetOK.com.