Protect your computer from Internet worms and hackers' attacks, which become possible due to the operational system and software vulnerabilities ("exploits"). To get an access to a remote computer, hackers use different techniques of attacking, some of which can be disabled with the help of antiviruses and firewalls. However, overwhelming majority of such attacks cannot be stopped by means of antiviruses and firewalls, since they are not designed for this purpose. These attacks are called "exploits". "Exploit" is an attack, which becomes possible due to the vulnerabilities of operational system and software installed on your computer. "Exploit" is hacker's basic tool used to crack your computer. Neither antiviruses, nor firewalls can protect from exploits. Only Anti-Cracker Shield, a multilevel security system is able to cope with all known and unknown versions of "exploits". It is possible and is necessary to protect from hackers!