Text2Html - Huge websites in the blink of an eye! Sinmple text-files are compiled "offline" to a complete web-system. To see this website you only need to fulfil minimal requirements - Webspace. This method has different advantages: * The websites are much faster than modern, dynamic systems could ever be. * Even for huge websites you do not need nether databases nor complicated and expensive server-applications. * No programming knowledge is needed. * Automatic optimization for the biggest and most widly known search engines. * The resources are only used for the unique creation - the finished website is optimized and does not need additional server-ressources. * The system is extendable with an elaborate plugin-system that enables it to integrate "dynamic" fuctions so mutimedia-content can easily be made an part of the websystem. * It is 100% platform-independent. * Possible extension with server-technologies like PHP, JSP(X) and/or ASP(X), Perl, Ruby, ... are possible. * A template-system which seperates the design completly of the content is used. * The websites can comfortably be created with an graphical interface.