Insufficient disk space, and which files are taking up disk space?Folder structure is complex, step-by-step view is not convenient? Use365DiskData[Disk Data analysis experts]: 1.Quick scan on the drive or folder, and graphically display space occupancy, quick sort, easy to find large folders or files; 2.Generate a directory and file tree structure, so that your disk or file folder glance; 3.The pie chart shows the folder size composition of the disk summary information at a glance; 4.Automatically locate the largest files, convenient and fast; 5.You can change the form of skin; 6.System context menu,quick start and analysis; 7.Support drag and drop, disk or folder into the program, and immediate analysis; 8.Others?Resource Manager/Open/Search/Property/FindMax/FullExpand/FullCollapse. Tip: If your disk space is too small, use the Disk Cleanup tool automatically release space is limited, use 365DiskData analysis can help you quickly find unwanted files or folders. OS:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7