What are irc clients without smileys? Not much fun. That's why this irc client displays over 30 vivid modern smileys. Connecting to irc is simple with ThrashIRC. On first start, ThrashIRC will generate a nick name, pick a channel, and server for you to join. You can edit any of these setting before connecting. Once these settings are saved, ThrashIRC will connect you to irc. ThrashIRC is the irc client that makes internet relay chat fast and easy. ThrashIRC is a powerful irc client. It can connect up to 20 irc networks simultaneously. It supports UTF-8 unicode characters, enabling you to chat in the language of your choice. It's an irc client with advanced features like a browser link grabber and simplified channel search. ThrashIRC supports control+tabbing through channel windows and nick+tab completion. You can assign nick colors for easier reading, and set an image as your wallpaper background in chat windows. ThrashIRC comes with features you don't see in other irc clients, like built in spell check and large paste buffering.