Rapid Folder is a great alternative to the Windows Explorer (My Computer) tool. The intent is to provide an easier to use tool that includes additional tools and symplifies some features that are difficult or unwieldy within Windows Explorer. The primary features include: ** Easy Access to multiple File Structure Windows to easily manage your files and folders ** A better Favorites list that doesn't include all of the Internet based links ** Easier access to Windows Special Folders such as the SendTo and Program Files folders. ** Customizable Report Styles Within the program, a Rapid Folder is a set of folder pointers only that works like Favorites but excludes all of the Internet Shortcuts that you commonly store in your Favorites list. Fineware Systems has released Rapid Folder, a Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP utility that lets power users manage the files and folders on their computer faster and easier than ever before. Rapid Folder makes the task of moving or copying files so much easier by eliminating the need to drill down and then drill up over and over again while having all of the standard features that you would expect to see in Windows Explorer. Quickly launch as many differnet views of your file system as you desire based on three different types of display. There is a tree-oriented Folder View that includes both Folders and Files in one structure, the typical icon and report based File View, and a combined Folder Tree and Files Report. Rapid Folder gets it's name from the fact that it includes a highly customizable set of 'Favorites' that excludes all of the Internet shortcuts most users have in their Favorites List. In addition, rapid access to all of the Windows Special Folders such as My Documents, Network, Drives, Recent Files, etc is built into Rapid Folder. Another key feature is the ability to create custom Report Styles. Rapid Folder is a program that you will definitely become your standard File Manager!