You can use Origo to create your own homepage without having to learn the cryptic HTML, CSS, and Javascript technologies. The software allows you to create very sophisticated websites without you investing too much time in learning Origo. Install Origo and fill in the throughly explained blanks. Choose the look and layout you like most and you are already one click away from building your website and only two-clicks away from publishing it on Internet. Within minutes, your friends will be able to see the results on Internet!! Main benefits: Seperation of design, layout and information - this allows you to change the layout of your homepage with a single click. Choose from many designs independantly from the layout you wish to have. All the entered information is merged automaticly with your choosen design and layout. Origo helps you structure the information you wish to publish. You can create news, calendar or product topics easily and quickly. Never has updating the Internet version of your website been so easy. Origo helps you to integrate images (within a news item, calendar event, or in any other page) in your website in a very structured manner. The integrated photo-gallery allows a beautiful navigation possibility even with a large number of photos. You can very quickly publish your hobby and holiday photos on Internet. And at your wish, a RSS feed can automaticly be generated. RSS feeds will allow your visitors to know about your latest news while surfing elsewhere.