This is a simple utility that can perform a sql commands on a database. You can execute an insert, update or delete commands as well as select statements. Utility returns the number of processed records as its ExitCode and you can also save the results (selected records or the processed records number) to the specified XML, CSV or TXT file. It is possible to immediately transform the resulting XML file by the selected XSL stylesheet template, so you can export the result to as many text based formats as you want. The sql statement may include parameters prepended with a colon (ie. :NAME or :CITY, etc.). Then the user can enter the parameter values in a simple editable grid. Statement is run as many times as rows in the grid, the user defines. If you run the utility without command-line parameters, the full GUI is displayed, so you can specify and save the parameters, that you can use later by a command-line execution. This utility uses the dbExpress technology for database connection. MySQL, Interbase, Firebird and BlackfishSQL databases are supported by default, as well as the common connection via the ODBC drivers. You can extend this list by any dbExpress v4 driver (ie. Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, etc.). This utility is a part of Precision Builder Express product. New in version 2.0: - any dbExpress (version 4) driver can be added and configured to use with this utility - ODBC, AS400 and Firebird (native) driver included - support for any additional connection parameter (charsets, blobsize, etc.) - syntax highlighting - saving results to the XML and fixed width TXT formats - possibility to immediately transform the XML result by the selected XSL stylesheet template - option to immediately open the resulting file after processing the command - option to save results to the clipboard instead of file - automatic generation of the command-line form - a lot of minor improvements