Arixcel Accounts is a personal accounting add-in to Microsoft Excel. It combines the rich functionality of stand-alone personal finance software with the transparency and the ease of use of spreadsheets. With the help of Arixcel accounts you can easily import all your bank statements into a single spreadsheet, allocate your expenses to descriptive categories and make budgets and forecasts for the future. Overall, the program is designed to give a clear picture of personal or family finances in simple Excel tables. Key functionality: * Consolidate balances and transactions of all your bank accounts and credit cards into a single spreadsheet. * Automatically update it with new transactions from bank statements in the OFX and QIF format (downloadable from any online banking website). * Organise your income and expenses into categories to see where your money comes from and where it goes. * Make budgets and monitor actual results against the budgeted amounts. Main differences with other personal finance software: * Everything is done in Excel, so you get the full transparency around your financial data. * It is a quality full featured add-in to Microsoft Excel, not just an automated spreadsheet. * You do not need to learn any new interface if you are familiar with spreadsheets.