MoreMotion Web Designer offers many easy-to-use tools through a real WYSIWYG user interface to develop professional Web sites in shorter time. It addresses the beginners with its simple use and pros with its extendible structure. MoreMotion Web Designer promises more than being a conventional HTML editor with its XML based modern architecture. Its ability of generating dynamic pages in XSL format classifies it as a WYSIWYG XSL Editor. The key features are: WYSIWYG Design, XSL generation of dynamic pages, Extensibility and reusability through library elements, Preview static and DYNAMIC pages, Site templates, Page templates, Advanced theme support, Project explorer, Library explorer, Property editor, DHTML events, Integrated JavaScript editor, Integrated image map editor, Web safe color palette, Compile-time functions, Customizable toolbars and shortcuts, Broken links check, Custom XSL templates, Integrated smart ftp client, Context sensitive help. A useful XML text editor (mmEd) is also included with the package with features: Syntax highlighting, Automatic tag closing, Pretty format, XML structure validation, Encoding support, Text search in files that has different encoding.