csv2pdf is a very flexible Perl5 program based on txt2pdf 6.x core. It allows you to convert all your CSV files to PDF format, and is flexible enough to run on any platform that supports PERL. It can be used on its own, or you can use it with other applications to convert your documents on the fly. Why do you need csv2pdf? It's simple to export data in CSV format from spreadsheet, db, on every OS. In the same way it's simple to convert your CSV into nice PDFs and distribute them via email, web. csv2pdf is based on txt2pdf 6.x core. This means: csv2pdf can run on the same systems already tested with txt2pdf every txt2pdf feature can work also with csv2pdf. If you don't know txt2pdf please read its documentation before starting to configure csv2pdf Here are some of the things that you can achieve with csv2pdf: Automatic grid design around every cell You can select the cell delimiter (default is ;) You can select the cell alignment (lef, right, center)