Where Wordle stops: from text to word cloud with a creative twist. Wordaizer creates attractive word clouds where the user has full control over size, color and shape. The word clouds can be printed and saved on hard disk. Shapes are fully controlled by applying shape masks; three different color engines are available, and many, many presets to get started right away. A popular setting can be saved as a project, for repeating later on. Here is the full feature list of Wordaizer: 1. Automated word cloud generation - easy control over size and shape - fonts and fontsize settings - 'surprise' button to create random word clouds - 3 different color selection methods - pictures as color source - save as scaleable vector format for infinite print size 2. Using masks to fully control the shape of the word cloud - pre-installed masks are provided - user generated masks on-the-fly - load and save masks for repeated use - special masks: using the transparency mask of PNG files 3. Post-processing - store the resulting picture on harddisk - print or post-process the pictures (using external bitmap editor) 4. Projects to save and repeat creating the same word cloud - pre-installed projects - save and load new or existing projects 5. Educational mode - simplified interface with key controls only for fast results - intuitive picture and mask/shape controls - hundreds of pre-installed color schemes, 80+ masks and transparent pictures 6. Easy workflow and intuitive interaction 7. Open system: the user can add more masks and projects 8. Multi-language support (EN, NL, D, F) 9. Web-update