"SOS Banner" Feature list: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ => "SOS Banner" is a unique product that uses new protection algorithms to create a watch-dog burglar alarm for your personal computer. => "SOS Banner" notifies you when new files are downloaded to and loaded onto your system. => "SOS Banner" monitors your computer's hard drive for any suspicious activity over a time interval you select. => "SOS Banner" tracks and logs suspicious activity, intrusions, and break-in's from the Internet that would otherwise go undetected. => "SOS Banner" provides a safer solution to surf the Internet and can determine whether the websites that you visit are safe or unsafe. => "SOS Banner" enhances the performance and speed of your computer by identifying and tagging unwanted files and programs left by spyware, viruses, and computer worms. => "SOS Banner" protects your computer's disk drive and sensitive information from unauthorized, unwanted, and unknown computer intruders. => "SOS Banner" provides an easy point-n-click 'Ignore' option screen to remove known logfile entries which are normally updated and pose no real threat. With identity theft & Internet crime becoming increasingly commonplace, SOS Main is truly a necessity in restoring confidence and peace of mind to surf the Internet again. Quick Click Filer through its website aims to become a one-stop shop for anti-spyware, anti-adware, anti-virus information and software. Please come join us at QCF.com!!