FileAmigo handles many tasks better than text editors and spreadsheet programs which were not designed to handle this type of data processing. FileAmigo is the professional web file and report maker. Create a web database with the kind of data that's important to you for tracking and organization. You can add new fields when they are needed. Data is edited based on your rules. FileAmigo reporting allows you to select data in many versatile ways. Predefine all selection criteria or allow choices when a report is requested. FileAmigo has a wide range of use. Consider these uses: projects/tasks, scheduling, planning, trouble tickets, catalogs, equipment tracking, defects, mail lists, key indicators, spreadsheet data, mail merge data, event planning, more. If you already have data, then import into FileAmigo. Once a file is set up, you can import delimited text files. There is no need to re-key data. Once data is stored in FileAmigo, it can be exported to Excel. FileAmigo is easy to use; it's fast, reliable and requires no programming skills.