Warefeed is a software business & usage analytics tool built to answer important questions vital to software business strategy. - It's written in PHP and open source. It is simple to tweak or extend the code base - It's compatible with many other languages trough it's simple to use HTTP interface - Your data is safe, no need to host your sensitive business data in the (often shared) database of another software vendor - It's highly extensible, you can use it to track your whole software business, not just usage - And... it's free! Typical questions you can answer using Warefeed - How many of the users that download the software finally fail when installing it? - How many downloads do you need to generate $1000 worth of sales? - How many of the users that uninstall your software never contacted your support? - Why your users uninstall your software ? - What are the features that are the most (or the least) used by your users? - Stop guessing. Answering these questions will help you to take the right decisions and invest in the rights fields to make your business stronger and more competitive. Typical usage tracking - Advertising - Referrals - Downloads - Installations - Trials - Uninstallations - Errors & exceptions - Sales - Serial Key Activation - Support requests:Startups - Features - Versions:Newsletter - Computer Info - User history - Computer Info - User history