Add2Outlook for Calendars is a 2-way Outlook calendar synchronizer for desktops, laptops and mobile devices (PDAs, PPCs, BlackBerry, Smartphones). Add2Outlook is our client-side solution which offers 2-way folder replication of new calendar items and 4-way synchronization of edits. Add2Outlook is a completely new solution and was designed for those who use Outlook and want client-based, 2 way calendar synchronization. Add2Outlook has two folder relationships. A Folder Relationship is a relationship between 2 calendars, either private to public, public to private, or private to private folder combinations available in an Outlook profile. Either folder can be a private, PST, server side mailbox or public folder. Add2Outlook for Calendars has many uses. The most popular use is for those users of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Pocket PCs, and Smartphones using Outlook connected to an Exchange Server. For example, some users wanted to see a copy of the Exchange private and public calendar folders on their BlackBerry handhelds, so Add2Outlook was designed to copy all the public items to their personal calendar, contact or task folder, so that ActiveSync could then copy it to the Blackberry. Add2Outlook can also be used for company-wide, departmental or group scheduling. With Add2Outlook for Calendars, employees can easily view other employees? calendars which is great for increasing productivity and saving time! Visit for 10-day free trial versions or call a DidItBetter Software Consultant today for more information. 800-837-8636