Akti Album creates multimedia albums and helps to publish them on the web or store on CD quickly and easily. Using nice and easy-to-use interface you can manage digital photos, notes, audio and video clips you took with your camera. Akti Album is freeware and includes advanced search support, ability of audio recording, media organizer with user-specified categories, extended albums database management, multi language interface, and support for user defined web sites and printing templates. Finally, Akti Album makes it possible to create your own web site templates. So, the possibilities of your own multimedia album web site design using Akti Album are virtually unlimited. Features: Easy to use drag & drop user interface. Allows creating your own hierarchy of categories. For each category has sortable list of multimedia notes with drag & drop support. Web site builder based on predefined or custom templates. Supports different versions of Windows Media Player. Can be configured to use an external video player. Ability of audio recording. Backup and restore database functions. Database management: auto backup and cleaning of database. Small application and database file sizes. No database engines or database servers are required. Multi language interface. Import/export the whole database using XML format. Print albums with user defined templates support. Hotkey manager. Can keep several albums. Date range filter. Complete online help. Video tutorials. Slideshow builder.