SuperVoice CRM - an "Essential Marketing and Business Development Tool" for individuals and businesses. Intelligent Marketing, Email broadcasting, Web Activity & de-dupe software. Fully integrated phone and fax functionality with SuperVoice Pro, SuperVoice and SuperFax! Impress yourself and your colleagues by using SuperVoice CRM to do your sales and marketing in a fraction of the time! Let it work for you, even while you sleep! Just let SuperVoice CRM Plus get to work and watch the orders come rolling in - without affecting your day job! Some of the impressive features of SuperVoice CRM Plus -Easily create orders and invoices. -Keep track of who paid what. -Keep track of what has been shipped. -Send a Fax straight from SV-CRM using SuperVoice (Pro) or SuperFax -Dial a Number straight from CV-CRM using SuperVoice (Pro) or SuperFax -Use the CV-CRM database as a phonebook inside SuperVoice (Pro) or SuperFax -Import existing data with our easy to use import Wizard -Broadcast email to targeted groups of people -Manage responses to your E-Mail campaign with our Inbox Agent -Quote Tracker .. what you said to who and when -All your customer data in 1 easy program -E-Mail blacklist, make sure you never send emails to the wrong people -Build a searchable profile of your customers with our profile option. -Build in agenda to keep to track of the things you need to do. -Emails can be delivered directly to the recipients email server, no need to go via your own! -Works on Windows 98 and later operating systems