Personal database tool for unlimited, freeform, ordered hierarchical organization of your information items: * instant, single-click item viewing and editing; * flexible multi-tab interface for concurrent editing of several items; * 8 built-in types of information items: text, formatted text, webpage, file attachment, email message, folder, reference and reminder; * item labels have colors and formatting; * items may be assigned user icons in the item tree; icons will be stored in the database (free icons included); * supports blog-like tagging of items; * revisions of items can be saved to preserve entire history of edits; * reversible delete and undelete of items (recycle bin); * single-click preview of revisions and deleted items; * transparent indexing and instant fulltext search (across all data types including file attachments): search entire database (including attachments), separate branches, deleted items/revisions, labels, tags, etc; * wildcard search to find morphological forms of words and support for boolean operators (OR, AND, NOT); * quickly find items by name (find-as-you-type, similar to browser address bar); * intelligent import of disk files and folders; import of web pages from the Internet; * export item/branch to files or a new database; * drag-and-drop and clipboard item operations on single or multiple selection of any size or depth; * non-destructive item sorting; * customizable keyboard shortcuts for almost all operations; * easy item importing from other programs - no window swtiching required; * compressed single-file data storage for database portability; * user data backup and automatic error reporting; * fast operations regardless of the database size; * standard SQLite database format; * periodic update checks; * detailed user manual; * mainstream, user-friendly Windows interface.