PC monitoring tool is utilized by employers and administrators in keeping a close track of the desktop activities of employees in organizations. It is often usually seen that many employees waste their working time in surfing the internet for personal use. On the other hand, Internet facility increases the risk of secret data transfer by employees to some third party. With the help of PC monitoring tool, administrators can put a stop to all these practices and in turn increase the overall ROI of the organization. The Employee Desktop Live Viewer is an outstanding utility that can be deployed in an organization for the target systems without facing any difficulties. In order to implement this proficient tool, you just need to install an Agent setup file on all the target systems which would pass information to the Viewer system. In fact, Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool works as a stealth monitoring software that is developed to record the live activities of the target systems. In addition to live monitoring and online recording, offline recordings can also be made and saved in .AVI format and can be viewed later. All the targeted employee systems which have the Agent setup files installed must be the part of a workgroup or domain network. To ensure an easy monitoring, installation and configuration of the target computers with the network can be done either manually or remotely. This PC monitoring tool not only allows employer to record the online activities on the target PCs but also perform administrative tasks from a remote center. With this utility, it is possible to log off, shut down, restart and lock off the target computers from the remote Viewer system. For more information visit: www.pcmonitoring-software.com