ArtfulBits Column Permissions allows you to manage access to list content on column level. Permissions can be assigned for individual users and for SharePoint groups as well and are effective in forms and list views, as well as in the SharePoint Alerts, RSS, Datasheet and even during exporting to Excel and opening with Access. Features: - Supported read-only and hidden permissions for individual columns - Assigned to individual users and SharePoint groups - Effective for item New/Edit/Display forms - Works with Attachments - Applied to list views - Effective for Alerts, linking to Access, editing in Datasheet, exporting to Excel - Supported check effective permissions - Hide or disable columns on server side - Language pack support (desired localization could be added by request) Why ArtfulBits Column Permissions? If there are particular columns in SharePoint list that contain sensitive data that must be secured independently of containing list, you need ArtfulBits Column Permissions. It is powerful tool to manage column-level permissions that are effective in any column view, included New/Edit item forms, list views, MS Access, Excel, Datasheet, Alerts and RSS.