CJ AutoTweeter is a friendly program that enables users to automatically interact with their Twitter accounts supporting Twitter API v1.1. Thus, three different tasks can effortlessly be achieved with just one tool: 1. Auto Tweeter: Send automatic tweets. 2. Auto Finder: Find new interesting people to follow. 3. Auto Follower/Unfollower. In addition to scheduling tweets, CJ Autotweeter can also send direct/private tweets to any of your followers. Autotweeter also possess a built-in URL shortening service using bit.ly, so that you can include any URL in a 140-character message. CJ AutoTweeter features: * Built-in OAuth authentication wizard. You can effortlessly create your application accounts and authorise the software to interact with your Twitter accounts without giving away your credentials. * Built-in URL shortener. You can shorten any URL to be included in a tweet message by directly accessing your Bit.ly account from the application. * Import a list of tweets at once or add tweets individually as desired. * Edit tweets individually. * Send a simple tweet or the whole list according to time intervals previously set in the application preferences. * Send direct messages. * Search for the Followers/Following from a specific Twitter user. * Search for a specific number of people or for all contacts from a specific user. * Follow/Unfollow new people in randomly timed minutes. * Eliminate duplicated contacts. * Filter the information collected according to a huge range of different conditions. * Export found contacts to Excel. * Directly save found contacts into CSV files. * Follow any URL found. * Configure the application to be launched during Windows startup to send tweets or follow people. * Automatically save your Tweet and Follow preferences. * LOG panel. * Application skin change. * Multi-Language support. Requirements: * Internet Connection. * Twitter account. * Bit.ly account (optional).