Detect any email porn sent or received on your Exchange 2013, 2010 or 2007 server - Exclaimer Image Analyzer scans the colors and contours in every image in every email for pornographic content. It scans jpegs, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and more for indecent material: however they send porn, they're caught. Block, watch or warn: you can set Image Analyzer to notify you and warn staff when their email might be in breach of the fair use policy, you can hold it in quarantine - to be released if it's justified - or just block it completely. The technology keeps your business safe in whatever way you want: set the threshold for image severity where you need it - a magazine publisher can allow racier images than an educational institution. You can even use different settings for different departments: keep tighter controls on one group, but give others less scrutiny - or quarantine one team's messages but only issue notifications for another team's mail. Give repeat offenders tougher scrutiny - merely notify other users, but block outright any messages with suspect images sent by a previous abuser. Download, pick your settings, define your needs and you're done: we made installing it as easy as using it - but we can always set it up for you remotely, just ask. Try Exclaimer Image Analyzer free on your Exchange 2013, 2010 or 2007 server and get free support while you do - we can even install it for you.