Use rules to adjust auto-responses and any Exchange 2013, 2010 and 2007 email sent or received. Refine auto-replies based on inbound mail, alter your address on certain mail, monitor staff emails and more - all automatically. Every email sent or received can be automatically changed, or trigger an auto-reply or auto-forward, based on rules you control. Add images, text, fields and social media in our comprehensive editor and use the policy tester to make sure they're added to the right email - and catch email loops before they can emerge. Let the scenario wizard do it for you: just select the function you need - auto-reply, altered outbound mail, Ethical Wall policy - and then specify the task, say for sales auto-reply or HR team mailbox, and Exclaimer Auto Responder does the rest. Show a team address, like 'sales@', on email to customers, but not to colleagues or suppliers - all according to your rules. Use any data in the email as a trigger: text in the message body, the subject, address, attachments or whether it's encrypted or includes a signature. Block email between certain groups for Ethical Wall policies: suppress it outright, bounce it back with a notification or redirect it to supervising staff. Use the date and time in your rules: only send auto-replies over the weekend, or redirect mail for one employee to another, outside of work hours. Assign separate replies to different departments and users. Let customer service use one and give HR another - but give a special reply from the directors of each team. Secretly blind copy management on every email someone sends or specify it to monitor only email they send to customers, and perhaps only for a limited period - with rules, you choose. Download, pick your settings, define your needs and you're done: we made installing it as easy as using it - but we can always set it up for you remotely, just ask. Try it free on your Exchange 2013, 2010 or 2007 server for 30 days and get free support while you do.