Works on iPhone and iPod Touch OS 4.0 or greater! For more details visit: Simulate tracking a device across the globe. Trick your friends into believing you can find any cell phone anywhere. This application is a joke app and does not really track cell phones. It works as as a great ice breaker, or conversation piece though! How it works / What to do: 1) Tell a nearby friend you have an application that can track their Cell Phone. 2) When asked allow Cell Phone Tracker Pro to gather location information. 3) Your friend will be amazed and frightened as Cell Phone Tracker Pro narrows in on their location. - Cell Phone Tracker Pro actually locates your device location, and since your friend is standing next to you, we say it is tracking them. Features: - Simulates Searching the globe for a cell phone number - Simulates Command Output - Outputs actual location information of your device, if any is found - Enhanced graphics and sound over the free, ad supported version! - Become the life of the party