With Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010 you can finally get photos into your global address list (GAL) and see just who’s who on your emails. What’s the best way to get all those photos into your GAL? The answer is Outlook Photos from Exclaimer – and it’s absolutely free! We’ve been using Outlook Photos here at Exclaimer for a few months and we’re amazed at just how much it changes your use of internal email. Scanning photos of people is so much more natural than reading their names – you’ll know exactly who’s on the email in seconds. Have you ever sent a reply to an email and then regretted it 10 seconds later? Seeing the people that you’re sending to encourages trust and respect. And maybe you regularly email Joe from Accounting but you have no idea what he looks like? You could pass him every day at the water cooler and never know…Getting your face on email puts people back at the centre of electronic communications. Check out the Outlook Photos screenshots to see what we've added to your email experience It’s real easy to set up Outlook Photos too. Just install the download on any convenient computer in your network and if you’ve got the rights, you can update the photos. We just store the image data in the user’s thumbnailPhoto Active Directory attribute. Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010 do the rest. There’s a range of import options to take a folder full of photos and link them to the right people in your GAL. Maybe you’ve already named your files for the subject of the photo? Perhaps you’ve got a digital camera full of files with names like IMG-0123.jpeg? No matter, Exclaimer Outlook Photos just gets on with the job of importing your photos and updating your GAL. There’s also really cool auto clipping functionality that works so well, you won’t even know it’s there. You'll be amazed how simple it all is!