MoleBox SDK is an application virtualization library that emulates certain system functions and enables applications to be fully or partially isolated from operating system. MoleBox virtualization technology creates virtual environment for the host application, including virtual file system, registry and environment variables. With MoleBox SDK you can virtualize your own applications, using it instead of another wrapper. It aso can be used in software development, multimedia authoring and other similar tools, in order to create standalone applications. Features: * Enables developer to control all aspects of virtualization. * Creates application-specific protected environment which may be shared with selected external applications. * Operates with top-level objects - packages, that contain files, registry entries and environment variables, but it is also capable to work with each item individually. * Packages can be created with MoleBox VS wrapper included in installation or with a 3rd party packer. * Can be integrated in an existing project by adding just few lines of code and with no changes to application code. * Host application gains all benefits of virtualized applications: can run without installation or extracting any files, can use any packed components without registration, can run without modifications to the file system, registry or environment, runs without conflicts with other applications. * Enables creation of temporary registry files and environment variables in application runtime. * Protects binary and content files from unauthorized access, modification or re-use. * Host application is compatible with 3rd party wrappers and protectors. May be used in native Windows 32 bit and .NET applications. Enables packaging of additional EXE files, DLLs, .NET assemblies, ActiveX components, any content files.