Easy AVI converter to iPhone helps to easy convert AVI files to iPhone. Easy AVI converter to iPhone is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and it is the best for converting. You can free try easy AVI converter to iPhone and install on the personal computer or the laptop. The program is simple in use and does for all users. Try to easy convert AVI files to iPhone by means of this tool. Test functionality of the utility for converting. We have so many avi format video files on our computers, but how to watch them on iPhone? AVI is an acronym for Audio Video Interleave. This is basically a multimedia container format and was first released by software giant Microsoft. The avi format is like the DVD video format which allows a multiple streaming of data from both audio and video. AVI container file cannot support the modern features like B-Frames which are generally associated with MPEG-4 files. At times, hacks are utilized for the MPEG-4 subtitles and so on. Converting AVI to iPhone is a fairly easy process and requires only conversion software. You have downloaded video, have changed it by means of easy AVI converter to iPhone and have transferred on iPhone. Video converting is necessary to convert format for viewing on other device. In this case we wish to easy convert AVI files to iPhone. It is natural that speed of video converting depends on the chosen compression algorithms and quality options. Each video converter has own features.