VIENNA Advantage - ERP CRM is a business management system that integrates multi level managements technologies such as Human Resources Management, Customer Relations Management, Warehouse Management, sales and purchase management, Accounts and Tax management. It can be term as a complete business solution under a single platform. It keeps company related records for different departments conveniently and generates reports too. ERP software can be organization specific. So, some ERP software integrated with one or two functionalities that are designed for small organizations while most has a wide range of functionalities. The latest ERP technology integrated new features such as: - Functionalities • Supports multi languages world wide. • Supports multi currencies to make transaction in any currency. • Manage multi-organizations. • Efficient, secure and accurate Electronic account solution. CRM or customer relation management which control and manage customer related data. Its advance and high tech technology impact on buying and selling behavior of the customer by suggesting new dealing methods and also suggest new tact to collect data of the customer. CRM has change the way of business entirely. Many business organizations rely on CRM software to control the entire purchasing process, material management and distribution records, Manage stock in multiple warehouses and locations, and track record inventory. EXTEND APPLICATION VIENNA Advantage Open Source ERP or opensource ERP delivers a wide range of smart integrated business functionality on a global-ready platform. VIENNA Advantage Open Source ERP is extendable and flexible without programming management software that can be customized its features according to the organization requirements - it is available for small enterprise business organizations to large enterprise business For more information please visit us . or mail to us at info [at] viennaadvantage [.] com.