QMSys GUM Enterprise is the ultimate software tool for precise and accurate analysis of the measurement uncertainty of physical measurements, chemical analyses and calibrations, suitable for all types of calibration and testing laboratories, government institutions, universities. The software uses the three most powerful methods - GUM uncertainty framework for linear models, GUM uncertainty framework for non-linear models and the Monte-Carlo method. The software is fully compliant with all official standards, regulations and guidelines. Its results also completely correspond to the reference examples in GUM, Supplement 1 to the GUM, EA-4/02, DAkkS-DKD-3 and EURACHEM/CITAC Guide CG 4. It also provides accuracy and validity of the results even in cases that are not described in GUM and GUM Supplement 1, e.g. non-normally (non Gaussian) distributed input quantities; correlated input quantities with finite degrees of freedom; nonlinear models with non-normally distributed input quantities. Our software product offers many important features, such as: - Suitably for linear and not linear models - Support of symmetrical and asymmetrical distributions of the output quantities - Expert analysis that performs an advanced analysis of the model and determines the appropriate methods for the following calculation of the uncertainties - Regression analysis and calculation of the equation of the expanded uncertainty for a particular range -Automatic fitting of the probability distribution of the result quantities and calculation of the coverage factor -Validation of the results of the GUF method with the help of the Monte-Carlo method - Unlimited number of input and output quantities - Distributions: Normal, Lognormal, Student?s t, Rectangular, Triangular, Trapezoidal, curvilinear Trapezoidal, U-shaped, Quadratic, Exponential, Cosine, 1/2 Cosine, etc. - Direct and indirect methods of observation - Histogram plot and statistical evaluation