Email Picker is an advanced and versatile tool. It easily grabs email ID's from Google, itself. It is a powerful & efficient email extractor utility that smartly extracts email addresses from web pages on the Internet. Email Picker's simple interface means you enter search terms as you would do for all online searches via your favourite search engine. It is based on multi-thread technology and runs quietly and unattended in the background on any computer using Windows (XP and upwards.) Once you register your software, you cannot reload the software on another machine. But, you can reload it any number of times on your present machine without requiring re-registration all over again. The smart functionality of Email Picker lies in its ultra simple interface. Enter a search term like you would search for information in any other browser. Search on "Slow" or "Fast", as preferred. Use the "Slow" mode, for a thorough search that yields a greater number of emails. The yield definitely makes it worth the wait! The "Fast" mode yields a lesser number of results. Email Picker helps to directly reach unlimited numbers of potential clients within minutes. Google has since stopped all automated searches of its database. However, while other similar software packages are unable to go beyond the page 2-3 level, Email Picker lets you go much deeper, to unimaginable levels without violating any of Google's guidelines and rules. Its intelligent engine makes your searches register as manual, even though it is actually automated.